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Start a bright career speaking in front of audiences. As an event planner, journalist, speaker, and workshop facilitator, there are specific things that stand out when I look for speakers. To become a professional speaker, my team and I believe that personal development is key. We show you how to get paid speaking engagements. We can help train and develop you as an international speaker. If you are serious and want to start earning money speaking, this course may be for you.






We'll help you determine your niche area.  

We'll help you work on communication skills.
You'll learn how to brand and market yourself.
You'll learn how to gain the exposure needed

Learn how to make money sharing your story.
Find out how to target your audience.

Two Bonuses:


  • You Get a Free Speaker Sheet & Will be an Official Sheffield University Speaker.

  • You'll Receive a Proposal Template for High Paid Speaker Engagements.

This means you will be considered first when we facilitate speaking engagements.

To register and to learn more about our course syllabus 
please fill out this inquiry or email us at One of our staff members will contact you within 48 hours.

Get Certified in Less Than 4 Weeks

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