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About Me

Dr. Victoria Sheffield, Small Business Expert

I have over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience. I started on my journey as a licensed cosmetologist. I then decided to try my hand at network marketing 20 years ago when I became an Avon sales representative. I was born into entrepreneurship. I can remember as a little girl helping my mom with her fashion business. Today I am the CEO of a few companies, Victoria Collection & Nell Jackson Designs Revived - (Fashion & Jewelry) JaMira Beauty (Personal Care Items) & Jeru Publications - (Publishing Co.) In 2009 I was licensed and ordained as an Evangelist. Since then I obtained a earned doctorate in divinity, and a masters in journalism. I am also an affiliate and social media marketer. CWBN Network is my business network and radio/tv broadcast. Each day I am a work in progress because I love to learn and believe that wisdom is power. The more I know, the more I can help others grow. I am an innovator, wealth builder, mentor, business coach, certified motivational speaker, and child of the most high. If you would like to know how to monetize your gifts, you are in the right place. I believe that we were all called to do something great. Nothing that i've obtained was easy and that is exactly what I tell those that I coach.

"Turning Visions Into Reality is my Motto". 


Sheffield Business Solutions is a Christian-based personal development firm that offers services for individuals and corporations. Our mission is to help those that wish to grow by offering products, services, resources, and a platform that will help them achieve. Business or ministry startup, marketing, and branding are on the list of services that we provide. If you are the CEO of a company, founder of a ministry, or organization and it seems that you just can't seem to get things going, we can help you by taking you through an analyzation process to determine your needs. Our online platform of learning makes becoming successful easy. 


The vision of Sheffield Business Solutions is to help individuals, corporations, and direct sales teams grow globally. We wish to do this by offering quality advertising campaigns, media, training, mentorship, and elite branding packages. Being a referral firm we hope to partner with other top service professionals to help provide a wide range of services. We expect to expand worldwide offering employment, a team of coaches, and the tools to help others become self-sufficient.
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