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Why Use a Coach?

An experienced coach can identify strengths and weaknesses. Then create a comprehensive plan that will help entrepreneurs grow their business. Some may feel that there is no need for a coach but the truth is that many business owners have one. Even coaches sometimes have a coach. A coach can help a business owner with seeing positive and negative attributes of their business.

It is vital that entrepreneurs maintain a positive attitude while using the services of a coach. This can be done by being teachable and able to receive positive criticism. Our team of professionals help entrepreneurs by helping the business owner stay on task and work on realistic goals. We even offer advice on business startup. We offer one-one-one private coaching services for individuals or groups. One hour $25.00 sessions are offered or the best deal would be the $50 plan that covers three one hour sessions in a month. If this seems like a lot, look at it this way. An investment in your future will help you grow your business. If you are a business owner struggling and frustrated, then you are in the right place! We help small and large business owners generate wealth by offering simple solutions to what may seem like problems. 

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Our Methods of Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching Sessions Are Done By Using Live Video Sessions and Private Conference Calls

We may even give entrepreneurs assignments to work on at home and worksheets to complete. Video training, webinars, and reading assignments could also be incorporated. We listen to you then make helpful recommendations. Depending upon your needs, we will determine what strategies we feel are best suitable. Keep in mind that we will help you stay on task by following up with you to see if you are working on the plan-of-action we create. Our overall goal is to offer support and help you grow in business and every aspect of your life. Our mission is to transform lives!!

Life and writing sessions are also available. Contact me to schedule a session.

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